Project management and team collaboration tool online.

team collaboration, project management tool
Powerful Team Collaboration: Increase team work and collaboration with vkolab's online discussion threads, comments,project,tasks, social technology tools and web meetings.
project management tool
Project Management: Easily plan, organize and manage all of your projects from start to finish in vkolab with project milestones, workspaces and reports, and online meetings. One stop solution for all project management needs.
online meetings, project management tool
Host Web Meetings and Group Chatting: Get powerful, web conferencing tools that bring your teams together from anywhere, at anytime. Easily collaborate between clients, project manager and developers. Best project management tool.
Tasks, project management tool
Streamline Task Management: Stay on top of your task with online calendars, task lists and milestones, automated email reminders, with smart email reply options.
project management tool
Permissions: Now you don't have to worry about who has access to what portion of the project, give project-specific rights to clients, service providers, and subcontractors. Manage role and permission the easy way using vkolab.
Notes, project management tool
Notes: Never forget a thing about your project when you have vkolab's notes present to remind all about it. Leave notes for your staff or developers.
Bug Tracker: vkolab comes up with state of the art bug tracker, similarly as with the tasks automatic bug reminders are sent to the team who are responsible for it.
Smart Reply, project management tool
Smart Reply: vkolab brings another great feature where users can directly reply to comment, project or task from their email providers (gmail, yahoo, hotmail) and our system will update the internal communications automatically.
Reports, project management tool
Reporting: vkolab brings extensive reporting functionality to track hours, clients, billing, monthly revenues etc. Export all reports in excel format.
Go Mobile, project management tool
Go Mobile: Want to keep track of your project, task or comment on the go? why don't you go mobile with vkolab. Its mobile rich features will help you be in touch 24/7.
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